How To Use A PFAS Water Sampling Kit

Our latest interview on News 10

It’s always nerve-wracking to be interviewed, and even more so on camera! But our co-founder Brian Collins made us look great! Check out the short quote below and visit the original interview page of this News 10 story.

From the News10 article:

“The hold time is 14 days,” said Collins. “That for the laboratory to actually receive the samples and do what they call an extraction procedure. All that entails is adding a certain chemical that draws out PFAS chemicals into (a) solution for testing. After that, they have a 28 day hold time to do the actual testing based on that filtration that they have done and collected.”

Results are emailed back to the clients. For homes with PFAS results with levels higher than 10 parts per trillion, filtration systems are recommended. 


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