Frequently Asked Questions – Fecal Coliform

Fecal Coliform FAQ’s

Request For Water/Waste Water Analysis
Requisition Form with descriptionsThe New York State Department of Health is collaborating with Capital Region Environmental Lab to collect private well sampling results from volunteers. You can opt-in by checking the “share results” box on the chain of custody. By doing so, you’ll be helping to improve our understanding of New York’s water quality. There are no state requirements to change your well based on the sampling results. All results will be kept confidential. For more information on maintaining your well, please visit

  • What is fecal coliform?

    Fecal coliform is the coliform bacteria related to fecal matter in water. It is used as a swimming standard for lakes and ponds. 

  • Why should I test for fecal coliform?

    Fecal coliform testing is generally done for swimming standards, as the presence of bacteria found from animal scat can cause infection.

  • How often should I test for fecal coliform?

    For swimming standards, fecal coliform should be tested at the start of or during the swimming season.

  • What do my results for fecal coliform mean?

    General guidelines for swimming standards indicate that fecal coliform results less than 200 MPN/100mL are acceptable. Additional information regarding acceptable swimming standards can be found by contacting your local Department of Health.

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